Geese are easy to look after and happy providing thay have water, food and somewhere safe to sleep. They are generally lazy and after their initial dash to the water in the morning when they are let out they will sit on the bank of the pond all day doing nothing. Geese of different breeds will mix together happily and you can keep more than one male together as long as you have enough females. Geese are good grazers and a lot of people like to keep them as guard dogs as they are very vocal when there are strangers or strange things around. We have lots of different breeds of geese and depending on the time of year we have lots of different ages from day old to year old. We cannot list very breed that we have and sometimes we might list a breed that we haave sold out of so please don't be afraid to give us a ring and ask what we have in stock even if the breed you want is not listed we might have some. As a result of the large amount of breeds and ages we cannot produce a price list as stock varies so much and from day to day. This page shows you a small selection of geese. The geese shown in the images are bred on the farm whilst the other geese listed at the bottom of the page are a few of the breeds we stock throughout the year. There are many other breeds also available at different times. The geese available for sale will be updated on the for sale page as often as possible. If there is somthing specific you require please ask as we may have it but not mentioned it on here.



The Embden Goose is a domestic breed of goose. The embden is pure white in colour with a short, orange bill, and orange feet. They are fast growing birds and will quickly reach about 9 kg for the Goose, and 14 kg for the Gander. The Embden's have a very bulky and well rounded body with a long back and a short tail. The embdens prefer to live near water and like to forage in the grass and water. They are a very hardy breed and don't mind fairly mild sub-zero temperatures. Males are more vocal than females and can often be heard honking loudly if approached but geese in general talk quietly throughout the day. Embden geese that are accustomed to their owners presence don't mind being in close proximity but tend to keep their distance. A Embden goose matures in about 2 to 3 years and will start to look for a mate for life. The adult bird will start laying eggs fairly early in the year, laying 30 to 40 eggs. The goose starts incubating the eggs around the beginning of spring for about 28 to 34 days.
The exhibition embdens are bigger than the commercial embdens and are harder to breed.

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BRECON BUFF GEESE (Medium goose)

The Brecon Buff Goose is a breed of domestic geese originating in Wales. The Brecon Buff Goose is distinguished from its larger relative, the American Buff as the brecon buff is smaller and has a pink bills and pink feet. The brecon buff will lay 20+ eggs a year which are white in colour. They are hardy and are a good broody but may be clumsy with eggs/babies. As they start to feather their bills should turn pink. Bills should never be orange, as this is the first to go if crossbred .

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The Toulouse is a breed of domesticated goose originating near Toulouse, France. The main features of the dewlap toulouse are the big flap under the beak called the dewlap. The other feature of the toulouse is the big keel which goes down between their legs and almost drags aacross the floor. It is a large bird, with a weight of up to 12 kg and is known for its ponderous. An average Toulouse lays 20-40 eggs per year which are white in colour. These birds are generally not good sitters as thy are soo big.

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The African Goose is about the same size and height as the Embden. The African Goose is a cross between the Toulouse and the Brown Chinese with some of the size and dewlap of the Toulouse Goose and some of the carriage and 'knob' of the Chinese Goose. The Africans are a very gentle and friendly breed of goose. The "Gentle Giants" of the goose world. They will lay between 20 and 40 white eggs a year. The blue and white africans are a newer colour of african and relitively rare.

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SEBASTAPOL (Light Goose)

The sebastapols is a medium-sized goose with long, white curly feathers and a pinky orange beak.

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BUFF BACK (Medium Goose)

This is an attractive goose with a white background overlaid with buff markings on head, part of neck, a saddleback.

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GREY CHINESE (Light Goose)

The Chinese is an elegant, fine, small goose, active and good at foraging. The most distinctive feature is a prominent knob rising from the base of the beak. They are highly vocal by nature and have a reputation for being good watch dogs.

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All the above breeds and colours are bred by ourselves on the farm and are availabe from day old to point of lay as females, pairs, trios etc. Many of these breeds are also available in different colours.

Listed below are a small variety of some of the different breeds of geese available. These breeds are also available in many different colours.


Above is just a small selection of the geese available. We have a large selection of geese in stock and available throughout the year. Please bear in mind that there are hundreds of breeds of geese and we cannot have them all in stock at the same time. Prices and availability vary throughout the year depending on age etc. We also have a lot of contacts for different breeds so if we have not got what you want in stock we can possibly source it from a specialist breeder if you should so wish. So please try us for any breed you require. Please contact us by telephone or email for further details.

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