Peafowl - kept because of the males lovely plumage the peacock is becoming more popular. We keep four different colours, Indian Blue, Black Shouldered, Pied and White. Peacocks do not grow their first tail until they are two and a half years old and from then on each year their tails become longer. The peahens can lay at two years old. Peacocks need space and need time to get accustomed to new surroundings. If you are thinking of purchasing peafowl think carefully about where you are going to keep them initially. When you take them home they need to be kept in. An old stable or outbuilding that can be secured is ideal, you can mesh the top of the door so they can see whats goig on outside but dont let them out as they are excellent flyers. They need fresh water and food and enough space to exercise. We reccommend that you keep them in for two months before opening the door to let them free range. By then they will have got used to you, the noises from a nearby road, dogs etc so they are less likely to get scared and take fright. Peacocks like to roost up high and soon find a perch that they like, it could be the roof of your house or outbuilding or a high branch on a nearby tree, but once settled they are happy to wonder around the garden and display their tails in your patio window - but watch your bedding plants! We have peacocks available a certain times of the year so please ring and ask. We mostly sell adult peafowl as the young chicks are notoriously difficult to raise to adult.



The Indian Blue Peacock is the most common colour and the one that most people think about when thinking of peacocks. They have a barred back with beautiful blue neck and the typical peacock tail. The female or peahen is slate grey in color with some irredescent green on her neck a far less noticeable bird than her male counterpart.

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The Black Shouldered peacock is similar in colour to the Indian Blue but instead of having a barred back and wings it has an irredescent black, blue, green color. The female peahen is a white/grey colour all over.

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The Pied Peafowl are Indian Blue in colour with patches of white over their body and in their tail as in the picture above.

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The White Peafowl are quite rare and unusual. They are pure white all over and when the male displays the tail looks like a net curtain. A beautiful bird.

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