Who are we? - History


We are a free range poultry business that started as a hobby. in the early 1990s with half a dozen chickens to produce our own eggs. From there my husband Gene went to a Rare Breed Sale held at Ross Auction Centre (yes that's right! - the same one that we now organise) to buy some pretty birds to mix in with our six warrens. That year for his birthday I bought him a Brinsea Polyhatch Incubator (the ones that we now sell) and we started breeding.

After a while I found that we had too many chickens running around the place so started to sell them by placing an advertisement in the local papers, then we fancied keeping some ducks and so we continued on. Since then we have continued expanding with Geese, Peacocks, Pheasants and any other feathered friends that we came across. In 1992 we started our own small business called Pen-rhiw-garn Poultry Supplies. We now visit shows throughout the year and sell from home.


Visitors are very welcome - but please telephone first as we do not open at set times, but can be available during weekdays, evenings and at weekends.